Stunt,Stunt coordinator, Action director


180 cm
78 kg
110 cm
89 cm
40 cm
58 cm
dark brown

Zoltán Gulyás Kiss
Stunt,Stunt coordinator, Action director
President of the Stunt Association Hungary
Two times Guinness World Recorder
President of the Hungarian Stunts and Stunt coordinators Union
Founder of the Hungarian Stunt Academy

My first movie experience as a stunt was in 1977. I was a founding member of the Hungarian Stunt Association in 1990. I was involved in both as a stunt man and a stunt double in more than 400 domestic and foreign films, shows and theatrical productions.

Among others I was a stunt double for:
Robert Davi, James Belushi, Paul McGann, Jan Richardson, Brian Blessed, Omar Sharif, Rudolph Hauer, Dawid Thewlis, Diana Frank, Jasson London, Goran Visnik, Michael Madsen...

I worked with:
Antonio Banderas, Madonna, Mellanie Grifith, Routger Hauer, Mel Ferrer, Ornela Mutti, Jeanne Moreau, Catherina Zeta Johnes, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Hopper, Armand Assante, Jürgen Prochnov, Brian Thompson, Sven Martinek, Thomas Anzenhofer, Dennis Waterman, Luca Zingaretti, Mathilda May, Ian mc Neice, Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Luke Brandon Field, Vinnie Jones, Tamer Hassan, Brawley Nolte, Jamelia, Kevin McKidd, Steven Mackintosh, Emma Fielding, Helen Mirren, Hugh Jackman...

Notable films:
3 Days for Winning, Klapka Legion, 80 Hussars, The Great Romolusz, Forced March, Petőfi, Captain X, Death in the shallows, Catherine the Great, Red Line, The Phantom of the Opera, Royce, Longest Day, Dragonheart, Evita, Escape to Victory, Stay Lucky, Lion Heart, The Adulterous Minister, Stationary, Jasson and the Argonauts (The legend of the Golden Fleece), The Clown (RTL), Perlasca, I spy, Last inch Love, Last Blues, Bank Ban, A Bridgeman, Passport, Coca-Cola (ad), Rinaldi, Nike (ad), Control, etc.

Stunt activities:
all kinds of equestrian work, period brawl and fencing, falls including falls from extreme heights, rope and wire rope work, full-body combustion, water work, car/motor precision driving, crash, accidents, planning and execution.

We provide equipment for all stunt activities undertaken. Stunt trained horses, motor cross, airbag, foams, jellies and burning clothes, various spinners, and strip ofis for special stunt vests, ramps necessary for car, motorcycle overturns and jumps, trailers, trucks, helicopters, jet skiing, jetboard...


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